“Habitat for Humanity: Supporting Women’s Labor at Work and Home – Join Us for Networking, Lunch, & Learning!”

Habitat NFV Women Build will be hosting a luncheon at The Pavilion at Lords Park in Elgin on March 8th, 2024, to illuminate the often overlooked contributions of women in various spheres of life.
The event, taking place on International Women’s Day, will delve into the theme of ‘Hidden Work’ carried out by women and aims to chart a course towards acknowledging and valuing these contributions. The keynote speaker for the occasion is Jacqueline S. Ruiz, a distinguished author and social entrepreneur known for her visionary approach to inspiring positive change. With a remarkable portfolio that includes two successful award-winning companies, two nonprofit organizations, 29 books, and numerous impactful events, Ruiz is a true “dream catcher.” Her dedication to service, especially in supporting women, authors, and young ladies, has left an indelible mark globally. Jacqueline’s journey, marked by resilience as a cancer survivor, has instilled in her a profound belief in the synergy of profit and impact, which she whimsically terms “magix.”
At the heart of Jacqueline S. Ruiz’s address during the luncheon is the theme of “Navigating Invisible Labor.” Her flight plan for creating visible, valued work serves as a beacon for individuals seeking significance in their lives. Ruiz’s extraordinary achievements extend beyond her entrepreneurial ventures to her role as one of the very few Latina sports airplane pilots in the United States. As the founder of the Latinas in Aviation global brand, she advocates for pursuing dreams with the mantra, “taking off is optional, landing on your dreams is mandatory.” With her diverse experiences and commitment to uplifting others, Jacqueline S. Ruiz is poised to inspire attendees at the ‘Women Build’ Luncheon, encouraging them to embrace the magic that arises at the intersection of profit and impact.
For more information contact events@habitatnfv.org
To purchase tickets : https://bit.ly/hiddenworkwedo
Time11:30 am