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Bill Fox

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Fire Prevention Services

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We Perform Expert Chimney and Dryer-Vent Maintenance in the Chicago Suburbs. Experience Matters No matter where you live, every business you visit is required to undergo an annual fire-safety inspection. Your local fire officials conduct these inspections to ensure the safety of the business owner and everyone who may enter...and they are costly. There has never been any program in place to similarly protect private homes…until now. Our certified retired fire inspectors have many years experience, recognizing potential residential hazards. We have the tools, experience and know how, to reduce or eliminate those hazards. Services we offer: Chimney Inspecting & cleaning Chimney caps, crowns & Chase pans Public health and safety inspections Fire protection consultations Dryer vent cleaning Functional smoke detector testing and installations Functional carbon monoxide testing and installation Fire and Hazard evaluations Safety Inspections and Mitigation Property maintenance inspections Allow us to inspect your home for any hidden dangers and offer solutions to give you solid piece of mind at a very reasonable price. Your safety is more important than our bottom line.